HYDRANGEA macrophylla



The black-stem hydrangea

Gayle from Delaware grows these gorgeous 'Nigra'

'Nigra' is a lovely hydrangea with pastel blooms. While this alone would be a good reason for growing it, Nigra is admired mainly for its interesting black stems. Many hydrangeaphyles grow Nigra in their collection. The black stem hydrangea

Nigra is easy to grow, likes part shade (especially afternoon shade), and rich soil. In other words, it is a typical macrophylla (mophead) hydrangea.

You may be wondering about the blue/pink/lavender color of the hydrangeas on this page. This is not characteristic specific to Nigra. Rather, it is typical of hydrangeas which recently have been planted or transplanted. Most all of the colored hydrangeas will do this when first planted.

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