'White Lady', 'Big Ben',
and 'Silver Dollar'


'White Lady' (photo by Malcolm Fletcher)
H. paniculata
'White Lady'

'Big Ben' (photo by Malcolm Fletcher)
H. paniculata
'Big Ben'
'Silver Dollar' (Photo by Malcolm Fletcher)
H. paniculata
'Silver Dollar'
Three Paniculatas

Pictures of these three paniculatas were went to me by Malcolm Fletcher who works for Phytotektor, Inc, a wholesale nursery. He says that these three hydrangeas are new to the U.S. but are being grown in Europe.

Mr. Fletcher states that "one of their main attributes is a resistance to mildew."

Originally, I was given a contact website for this nursery, but it no longer seems to exist. You may be able to find a number for the nursery on the web. I am leaving this page on my site for awhile because I understand that 'Silver Dollar' won a medal in Europe for something, and it may become an important hydrangea in the U.S.

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