HYDRANGEA macrophylla



Raspberry and white 'Ravel' The *Grocery Store* hydrangea

'Ravel' is a strange name for this hydrangea. I would have called it 'Ravishing' or 'Raspberry Parfait.'

However, I most often think of this hydrangea as the 'Grocery Store' hydrangea since I see it for sale in my local grocery store every year, but I've never seen it for sale in a catalog or in a garden center.

Now that I have tried to grow it in my yard for a few years, I think I know why it isn't more widely available. It may be one of those hydrangeas that grows best for the greenhouse/gift type trade. I have never been able to get it to bloom again. However, someone sent me an email once saying that they grow a 'Ravel' and that it is a vigorous variety that grows very large. I wish I could remember where this person lived.

If you grow this hydrangea successfully outdoors, please let me know. I am very curious as to how widespread it's growing area is.
Ravel - Meg from Summerville, SCThis picture of Ravel was sent to me by Meg from Summerville, SC. It was purchased in a grocery store. The picture to the left was taken right after it was purchased. Meg planted it in three different locations, but it has struggled to survive.

It has now been three years since Meg purchased this plant. She is determined to get it to bloom in the glory it showed when she purchased it. This year (2004) the hydrangea has a few nice blooms, but the peppermint spotting isn't very obvious.

Meg's story reinforces the fact that this is a florist type hydrangea that is probably quite difficult to grow in a garden setting.

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